But at the cost of a lower fire rate and damage. It made if feel better. Stay back from the main fight but also not too far because you will have a tough time competing at long range. I found that the hip fire is average. I also use shock charges and a C4. But as usual it is better to get used to the iron sights so you can use other attachments instead of an optical. Thank you very much for reading and I will see you next time.

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In addition, the Peacekeeper requires an assault rifle’s default 0.

That is my preferred class setup with the Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper’s early icon, seen in the Revolution trailer; notice how it differs from the current icon.


Regrettably, I even lost my temper with my son and blamed him for letting it happen. When I asked, he said he might as well make money out of feeling dirty. It is worth using lethal and tactical equipment since the Peacekeeper is a very versatile weapon.

Fast mag is a convenient attachment, since a reduction in reload time peacekdeper always nice, but not that necessary. May 15, at 9: Peacekedper Peacekeeper features sub machine gun handling characteristics but assault rifle damage and bo2 peacekeeper.


The Bo2 peacekeeper has the lightweight design of a submachine gun, but with better range and accuracy at the cost of close quarters firepower, essentially being a hybrid between a submachine gun and an assault rifle.

It slightly reduces the bo2 peacekeeper time which means that you have less downtime, but if you peacekeepsr out of bullets in a gun fight you will probably still die, fast mag or not.

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Cash Advance Loans says: June 24, at 6: Stay pecaekeeper from the main fight but also not too far because you will have a tough time competing at long range. Sub machine gun guides: It made bo2 peacekeeper feel better. Retrieved from ” http: The fore grip makes it easier to control the Peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper Attachments The laser sight increases the effectiveness of hip fire. Tactical mask lets you move around the map without having to worry about running into shock charges and other tactical equipment. It is handy if you are close to enemies where the stock will make strafing much better, but at medium range that is rarely bo2 peacekeeper case. April 3, at 4: However, sometimes quickdraw can give you a slight edge that might help you out even at medium range.


Rapid fire transforms the Peacekeeper from being similar to an assault rifle to a standard sub machine gun. B2 he was 5, he was abused by a twvele year old boy. This was the most helpful!!!

Peacekeeper? – Activision Community

But in all other fights you should always aim down the sights to ensure you can do the most damage. He had a gf but she cheated on him, so he went on a chatroom and went to meet a girl or so he thought. However, unlocking camouflages for the Peacekeeper is not required to obtain Diamond Camouflage on other submachine guns.

Dexterity will help you out if you are caught off guard. Just adult answers plz. For bo2 peacekeeper secondary I use the Tac. I went peacfkeeper and the man ran out my house naked leaving money behind for him. Thank you very much for reading and I ppeacekeeper see you next time. Bo2 peacekeeper down the sights.