This is where the source client come in. Once it has played, the player will then move to the next item in line, and start playing the music. When inserting this control, you will be presented with a box to enter the announcement you wish to make, and the time you estimate the announcement will take to say. Key presses are collected from the Main and Jingles windows only and depend on focus whereas MIDI events apply to all applications that are configured to receive them. In here is where you will assign your servers, determine the output formats, provide the stream stats and additional information for shoutcast servers. Just to add to the last reply: The Pass button causes the crossfader to travel across at a steady rate of speed.

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Under the listener count is the volume meter for your audio; this is the audio being sent to the streaming idjc. This window is where you will enter the appropriate credentials to connect to the icecast idjc shoutcast server of your choice.

Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections To develop productive citizens in active partnership with idnc. The center of the left is idjc stream listing; for each connected server, its numbered box will be colored green.

Streamcasting With the Internet DJ Console, Part 1 – The Penguin Producer

To that end features like VoIP integration were conceived of from the very start resulting in the choice of Jack Audio Connection Kit to base the idjc. It is very difficult to find simple understandable information when it comes to Linux Audio stuff.

This feature affects what will happen once a idjc ends. You will need to launch all instances of IDJC manually, using the -e switch, like so: If beatmatching icjc looping is needed, Mixxx can be merged in. idjc


I apologize for taking so long to respond; this one idjc slipped under my radar. In here is where you will assign your servers, determine the output formats, provide the stream stats and additional iejc for shoutcast servers. If you wanted to work two simultaneous, but different, streams, the only thing I can suggest at this time is to run two instances of the Internet DJ Console, each with a different profile, and then idjc link your mic to both of them.

Streamcasting With the Internet DJ Console, Part 1

The defaults are decent, but idjc you have a control surface, trust me, it makes things so much easier! This is the only way entries are added to the Jingles list, so when you make a new jingle, you just load it in the normal playlist, and then use this option to move it to your list of jingles.

Exchange simply switches the playlists; playlist 2 becomes playlist 1, and vice versa. The interlude player plays its tune in a continuous loop for as long as its button the one with the microphone and musical notes is pressed. You may have a different version: This is very important, as this feature allows you to work on one playlist while your audience idjc listening to the other one.

There should be idjc named binary packages in your package management system for all of these of which you typically want the library development packages whose names carry the -dev or -devel suffix.

Not very idjc, though. A great deal of care has been taken to make sure your voice can be heard consistently over the mix. Make certain you select the appropriate radio box for your chosen option. This can be useful when working with VoIP, which we will cover later in the article.


Speex has a band mode, stereo and metadata checkboxes, a quality option, and the encoder complexity setting, which can require more CPU, but increase the quality of the audio beyond what the quality setting has.

Once it has played, the player will then move idjc the next item in idjc, and start playing the music. Following these is the mount point, which is specific to Icecast 2 selecting Shoutcast options will grey it out. Copy will create a copy of the playlist in the other playlist.

Something to keep in mind, however, idjc that the idjc application, while audible in the stream, will not be mixed into the DJ monitoring. If there are more than 2 segments, you can idjc the time the second playlist is running to load or create a third idjc in playlist 1 in preparation with whatever else you need. The program can support 4 microphones, and each one can have different settings. The repository version has a minimum set of features generally. On the main window, you have two playlists that you should have set up more on that laterand at the bottom, you have two idjc options more on those later.

This options panel has a scrollbar, so idjc sure you scroll down to see the rest of the options. Once the network has returned control to you, you can then begin the second playlist. Another possible example would be Idjc or Teamspeak, where a panel of people could talk to one another idcj long distances, and the audience can hear.