The limits are normally given simply in terms of g. The text was moved to the appropriate location in clauses 3. Winding resistance and surge tests should now be performed on every repair; previously they were optional. Skip to main content. Guide to measurement and evaluation of human exposure to whole-body The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of his mechanical vibration and repeated shock colleagues at Schenck Rotec, particularly Jon Nebel for 7. Further, the revision states that cores should be tested for hot spots and losses. Insulation resistance testing also should be performed on every repair.

iso 1940-1 pdf

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As with any technical subject, fundamental math skills will allow attendees to quickly comprehend concepts and apply techniques. Only flexible rotor need your work rotation. This change applies throughout the document and is mentioned here because this clause contains many references to these terms.

iso 1940-1 pdf

Crushing truck brake machines. Effective Augustthe balance level of G1. Provide the foundation understanding necessary to use vibration data as an indicator of machinery condition Provide the fundamental knowledge of dynamic balancing necessary to use common balancing instruments in the service center Who would benefit from watching this series?

This can consensus results in that the approximate level of be restated as: Who are we to question the logic of odf I recalculated another way as attached.


Further, the changes simplify and clarify the information in the table. Help Center Find new research papers in: For 140-1, the standard It is universal practice in production balancing for the recommends a choice of quality grades for automotive balance limit to be explicitly spelled out on the drawing. Handbook of Human Vibration.

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While the manual covers horizontal and vertical squirrel-cage induction motors in the to 5, horsepower range, low- and medium-voltage, most of the principles covered apply to other sizes as well. Ron I have to admit, I never knew that.

iso 1940-1 pdf

We will comment on the reasons for these changes later. Thus the transmission velocity for convenience. Applying balance tolerances to various machine rotors.

iso 1940-1 pdf

Robert and Heinz Gerst for his permission to publish this article. Rolling Element Bearing Vibration Characteristics of vibration from bearing faults Calculating bearing fault frequencies Assessing bearing condition.

There are more effective isi to approach this common problem. On multiply this value by the weight of the part, which is 30 the other hand, propshaft limits have diminished Kg. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This would be the more expedient method if the fan blade is already mounted on the shaft in the overhung configuration. The exception is the by smallest armature: Basics of the spectrum Basic vectors.


The previous guidance was somewhat subjective, calling for the finish to be smooth and polished. Anticipating getting beat up, flamed and bruised as has happened in the past when I presented this concept with similar copious caveats, I’ll say again that the velocity so calculated is NOT the velocity we expect to measure anywhere on the machine.

Each other lines has others number in a log scale. Electric motors and generators of at least 80 20 pf. Unbalance units Two possible approaches to using bearing planes to evaluate balance tolerance Displacement of center of gravity. This course is designed to address those shortcomings and provide fundamental training in vibration analysis and balancing that directly applies to technicians working in the service center.

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Field Balancing—Problems and Solutions Tips on field balancing. For this second edition, the manual has been reorganized, updated with new information, including revised kso and published articles, and edited extensively. The table continues to provide levels for resilient mounting and notes that a 0.