Log in to finish rating Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Archived from the original on July 9, GameSpot AU’s Jessica McDonell takes a look at the evolving classification of adventure games and whether contemporary games like Journey fit into it. Classic gameplay and vibrant new visuals mix with timeless humor and inventive puzzles in this revamped blast from the past. The development team for Monkey Island 2 was largely the same as for the first game in the series. Most Recent Forum Activity. For those that do need assistance, LucasArts added two great features:

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Literally landing on Dinky Island, Guybrush encounters Herman Toothrot, who claims to be teaching zen philosophy on the beach.

Clearly this game is oriented for old gamers who know the game but it will still make you laugh and smile. Generally favorable reviews – based on 10 Critics What’s this? Further, the original introductional sequence with the main musical theme has been removed, purportedly because it displayed credits for the original game, now outdated. The artwork is clean and beautifully drawn with the intention of keeping the spirit of the ’90s version.

Latest on Monkey Island 2: The object highlight system is brand spankin’ new. Archived from the original on February 14, Amiga Computing Issue On the Xboxplayers can either navigate the world with the standard point and click controls or by moving Guybrush with the left analog stick and using the right stick to select things on the zpecial.


The development team for Monkey Island 2 was largely the same as for the first game in the series.

After a lengthy quest involving library research, rigged gambling, theft, awkward attempts at love, drinking contests, necromancy, monkeys and spitting, Guybrush is able to recover all four fragments of the map.

LeChuck confronts Guybrush, claiming to be the mighty pirate’s brother, and stalks him through the tunnels, tormenting him with a voodoo doll. Players will also be able to get a glimpse of yesteryear with an in-game art viewer offering up classic glimpses of select areas of the game. Perfect for quick sessions or marathoning through, MI2: Classic gameplay and vibrant new visuals mix with timeless humor and inventive puzzles in this revamped blast from the past.

According to Gilbert, the Monkey Island series was partially inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Game Development in Singapore: In Computer Gaming World named it the year’s best adventure game, praising its “challenging puzzles and wonderful sense of humor, along with a stunning visual presentation”.

However, in trying to prove that he was the one who killed LeChuck, Guybrush makes the mistake of showing Largo LeChuck’s beard, which he had kept as a monkey island 2 lechuck revenge special edition.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge for Xbox Reviews – Metacritic

Plans to release Monkey Island 2: Playstation Official Magazine UK. LeChuck’s Revenge Xbox All this publication’s reviews Read full review. She offers to help him drive Largo off the island if he can get her some ingredients for a voodoo doll. It is not in the ediiton interpretation that this package fails to deliver, but in its presentation of a classic that demands a lot more respect and attention to detail than Special Edition delivers.


It’s useful when you need a general nudge in the right direction, but when you need specific help it’s best to hit up the good old Internet. Xbox World Magazine UK.

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Even if it’s not your typical taste, if you were ever curious about this style of game, it would certainly be a great place to start. Tim Schafer Join Tim Schafer on his epic journey to glory as he walks us through his rise to fame and fortune in this Video Game History Rdition special.

Views Read Edit View history. Monkey Island 1 and 2 Special Edition”.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

Overall, it’s a really good game that, like countless others would tell you, brings back the old school in a spectacular fashion. Lucas Arts perfected their brilliant sequel and will go down as one of the best adventure games of all time. The two brothers, now both appearing as children, exit the tunnels together and meet their parents above-ground in the “Big Whoop” amusement park, with Guybrush either agreeing with his “parents”, stating his identity, or simply asking, “This is weird.

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