Note the four numbers written on the paper at the bottom of the device: In the sequel to Mystery Case Files: By grinnyp November 24, Add to Favorites. Repeat the same thing by double clicking the stomachs of robots 3 , 4 , and 5 , until every robot except 5 has an inflated stomach. Try to cut different sections of the wire as closely inside as you can. Click the Morphing Object 1 , in the numbers on the chart underneath the photo of the child in the top left corner of the board. If you need to increase the final digit , click in any order:

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Exit the vehicle and go through the mhstery. I have to agree with Anne when she says that Mystery Form File games really set a standard for other casual games. Click the padlock on the cage to zoom in; the buttons that are raised up will be light gold in color while buttons that are pressed down will be much darker.

Now that the rulers are in position, use the arms to move the rings up or down so that each ring encircles the correct number as precisely as possible it’s quite picky. I have been to the graveyard and the house looked under the brick added the torn piece from the cliff. Click the broken intercom in the middle of the left pillar ravenhaerst zoom in.

Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

Find the hidden locations indicated in each token, then align the token over it and click to charge it. Go to the Pantry. Slipping Hope Haunted Hotel: Click the speaker to the right of the front door to zoom in. The SKIP button doesn’t even appear on the bottom right corner either. Go to the Laboratory in the Asylum.


Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Walkthrough

Take the revealed Chain on top of the desk. The position of the hands on the clock face has to be precise ftom you’ll know you’ve got it right when the room shakes and Abigail yells at you to come upstairs to take care of her nose hairs. Is in on the closeup area???? Click the end of the rope that is drawn through the pulley above the pile of junk to raise the scrap metal.

Puzzles ffiles be skipped by clicking on the skip button once it has been filled. The blue wire mystery case files escape from ravenhearst walkthrough a smaller interactive area than the other wires; if you click outside the box it may accidentally minimize and reset the puzzle. If an eye is correctly clicked, the doors will close and a new eye will appear on the board; ezcape the new eye and repeat the process.

Use the Large Rock three times on the bent iron bar at the frkm of the fence. Complete the morphing object scene to electrocute the mannequin, then click his face to zoom in.

What you find could very well be the final chapter of this riveting story — if you escape. I went into the area with the Madame Fate poster and the circus cage without everything I need and can’t get back out!!! Yes, Charles is back as is his crazed son Victor and they are out for revenge! If so, go to the cottage, go down the hose the the ledge, then go left into the tunnel, you don’t need the ladder to do that. I was looking forward to this mystert, but sadly I’d have to get a new computer to do so.


Click the lined paper sticking out of the files to read it.

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Click the Morphing Object 4the hammer behind the paint cans on the right side of the cupboard. I no longer have the screwdriver. I will place an “exclamation point” on these in the guide.

Click the Morphing Object 1mounted on the wall above the window. Click the gear filles with the 8 ball on top to send the car into reverse. Align the door token with the left meter. I flew back from Thanksgiving break eager to see my cat and Anne, not so much Jasper and Zavy, they can be so annoying. The other two Ravenhearst games say Charles’s last name is Dalimar.